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How to Capture Leads Effortlessly With Free Content

The Frustration

Does this happen at your firm?25970206_m

  • You have potential clients coming to your website.
  • They like your firm.
  • They like what they see.
  • Yet, due to the timing of their personal situation, they’re not quite ready to hire a lawyer.
  • They leave your site and never come back.

Then, they end up hiring someone else who’s not as good as you.

It’s so frustrating.

The Fix

So, what’s the answer?

Lead capture and follow up systems.

Stay in touch with your potential client after they leave your site. For that, you’ll need to use either lead magnets / email or retargeting advertising. More on those in a sec.


Most folks just aren’t ready to hire a lawyer when they go to your web site. They’re doing research. They’re checking out what information’s available on lawyer websites. They’re looking for answers to a myriad of questions they need answers to before they hire a lawyer.

They actually may like your site and tell themselves: ‘I need to come back here!’. How many times have you found something interesting on the internet that you couldn’t find later when you wanted to. That’s what bookmarks and Evernote are for. Do your clients actually use them like they should to remember your site? No.

Ok, so how do you follow up with clients that came to your website and then left without so much as a phone call or an appointment  ?

Two easy ways:

Retargeting advertising and lead magnets / email.

We’ve covered retargeting in another article you should definitely check out after this one.

Today, we’re focusing on lead magnets and email follow up.


Here’s the concept. You go to a website (like this one). The site offers valuable information (like our website checklist). In order to receive the information, you provide your name and email address (like for the checklist).

Next, you’ll receive the information you requested and then a series of emails with other relevant, valuable, timely content. Along the way you get introduced to the company and other products and services they offer.

Lead magnets are the new frontier in legal marketing. They work wonders. Especially for attorneys. Remember, clients go to your site for answers first, attorney hiring second. They are much more likely to hire you if you’re giving them the information they crave.

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Else Have Lead Magnets?

Actually in darn near every industry except law, lead magnets and email follow up are very common. Why not in law? Well in the recent past:54180789_m

  • Websites were enough
  • Not as much competition
  • Lawyers were gatekeepers of legal information
  • Advertising was cheap
  • Compliance concerns
  • Industry slow to change

It used to be that you could get business just by having a decent website and listing it in a few directories. Think: ‘If you build it, they will come.’

Lawyers were in greater demand. There weren’t do it yourself companies like Nolo, RocketLawyer & LegalZoom vying for your client’s business. Law schools weren’t churning out an over-abundance of new lawyer graduates every spring. Lawyer websites didn’t contain the volume of information and education they need today to keep up. Pay per click ads were inexpensive. Need more clients? Just run more ads. There was confusion over rules surrounding websites and email, all of this in an industry known for slow change.

So, we didn’t need lead magnets and email follow up.

Today, it’s one of the few low risk / high reward steps you can take to get past the competition and give yourself a steady stream of new clients.

Lead Magnet Ideas

Ok, you ask, ‘what should I offer as a lead magnet’? This depends somewhat on your practice area of choice. Here are some generic ideas. You can tailor them to your practice with minor modifications:

  • Why you need an XYZ attorney56308773_m
  • How to avoid using an XYZ attorney
  • 3 things you must do right now if you need XYZ
  • What to look for hiring an XYZ attorney
  • Documents you need to file for an XYZ matter
  • Flowchart or overview of the XYZ process
  • Guide to resolving XYZ as fast as possible
  • 5 negotiating tactics the opposition doesn’t want you to know in XYZ
  • How to keep your costs low in XYZ matters

You’re probably getting your own ideas for what you could offer.

When you offer these on your website you’ll want to have text that sells the lead magnet. Just because your lead magnet has huge value and you’re giving it away for free doesn’t necessarily mean the potential client is going to perceive it as high value. You need to spell out the value and assure them this is something they need right now.


One very effective way to offer a lead magnet is to first give a sample, then ask for the email address if they want the complete list.

Let me show you. Here is a lead magnet for ’10 Reasons You Need an Attorney for XYZ’.

10 Reasons You Need an Attorney for XYZ

  1. The law regarding XYZ is complicated. Your lawyer will have spent years studying and gaining experience in XYZ. They know the ins and outs of XYZ. They will help you avoid the many pitfalls you will encounter on your own. Even experienced lawyers would not represent themselves in an XYZ case. Your attorney will be emotionally detached and therefore able to give a better perspective.
  2. Having an attorney could end up saving you money in the long run. What’s at stake financially? XYZ matters can be very expensive if the case doesn’t go your way. Sometimes attorneys take on XYZ cases on contingency so you would not have an upfront cost. Your attorney knows how to ask for reimbursement of your legal fees from the opposition. You may not be paying for your attorney at all in the end.
  3. Lawyers know how to… No form found …Your attorney will find that out for you.
  4. Attorneys know how to file documents with the court the correct way. They are experts in legal procedures. Yes, technically any one can represent themselves in court. Can you do it well is the question to ask yourself. Deadlines and protocols are a nightmare. One incorrect filing or missed deadline can hand the case over to your opponent.
  5. Because you don’t know any… No form found …discovery or challenge evidence or testimony by the opposing party.
  6. You’re not sure how to … No form found …avoid potentially severe penalties even before an XYZ proceeding begins.
  7. Because it is probably better to avoid … No form found …of that document you are signing? A lawyer will.
  8. Lawyer are expert negotiators. A good lawyer can wrangle a good settlement offer or plea bargain, if necessary. Your lawyer has probably has seen cases similar to yours or at least knows enough to make a calculated guess about how it might end up at trial. Sometimes a settlement is the right way to go, other times it makes more sense to see your case through to trial.
  9. The other party … No form found …take advantage of this inequity.
  10. Lawyers often provide … No form found  …will help you decide whether you actually need to hire a lawyer.

Lead Magnet or Content For You

The ’10 Reasons’ above is an example of a lead magnet you could use on your site. Or you could just offer this information without asking for an email since it helps to ‘make your case’ for getting hired. Click any of the links above or No form found for your site.

Yes, you will be on our list getting great marketing education every now and again. You can always ‘opt out’ if you hate it. If nothing else, try it to get experience with lead magnets, email follow up, and get some content for your website.






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