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Website Video In 30 Minutes Or Less – Need Testers

Have you ever wanted to use video on your website?

You understand the benefits of video; how it helps clients warm up to making their first appointment with you. How it builds you authority and credibility, how get them to know like and trust you even before you meet in person.

Yet, you were afraid it was going to take a long time, cost a lot of money and introduce technology headaches?

We’ve developed a way to create easy, fast, inexpensive videos for law firms.


The goals we met in our project are, we can make a video with you with:

  • A video teleconference call
  • Equipment you already have in your office
  • Spend 30 minutes or less on the video shoot.
  • No new software or skills

Need 4 Lawyers

Even though we had great results with 30 minute videos in our internal testing, we still need to create some ‘real world’ examples. This helps us ‘productize’ the service. We need Beta Testers. A Beta Tester is someone who volunteers to help testing while getting free products or service along the way. In our case the free product is a video you can use on your web site.

Would you care to join us? There are 2 ways you can participate, make a video with us as a beta tester or watch the progress of the experiment and give us your feedback.

There is a commitment needed on your part: 30 minutes. 30 minutes is a far cry from what you’d spend working with a Hollywood crew turning your office into a production video set on a weekend. And you’ll walk away with free video you can use on your site instead of paying thousands.

Why Are We Doing This?

We need to iron out any wrinkles that may come up rolling this out to our clients.

We Need You

We need beta testers; would you be willing to invest 30 minutes to get a  1 – 2 minute video you could use on your website? If so, read on or use this link to get started right away.

Criteria for beta testers. You should:

  • Be a practicing lawyer
  • Have a website or YouTube account to use the video on and be willing to use the video when it’s done
  • Have a laptop with a webcam and microphone
  • Have 30 minutes to spend with us recording the video in your location

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to make a video for your site click this button.

If you just want to be a ‘fly on the wall’ watching to see how this turns out click this other button. We’ll keep you up to date on developments.

When Will It End?

Are we going to offer to make free videos forever? Probably not, remember it’s our test phase; when the wrinkles get ironed out, this becomes a service we offer. Also, we invest a lot of time behind the scenes. After the  testing proves out we’ll be offering this service as a product and charging a reasonable fee.


Up until now, making videos has meant having a team of pros come to your office and setup a mini studio. You need to shut things down in your office for a day, so most people do it on a weekend. It’s expensive, usually $10,000 or more. In the end, you’ll get some studio quality videos suitable for TV broadcast.

Video Doesn’t Have To Be A Big Production

32640497_mlWhat you you don’t want all that? What if you want to see if you even like video on your site? What if you just want a quick video to introduce yourself? What if it’s going to only be seen on your website and you don’t need Ultra High Definition quality? We thought there should be some middle ground. We’re creating as easy entry point for you to try video out. Video teleconferencing software seems to hold the answer. Please join us and see for yourself.

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