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30 Essential Law Firm Marketing Methods

Lots of great law firm marketing ideas, starting here.

The key to a successful law firm is being able to leverage the multitude skills and tools available, as well as being able to implement a big-picture marketing strategy. Here’s the start of our comprehensive list of methods, skills and tools for successful lawyer/marketers.

This post is a ‘living document’; we update it constantly. If you have topic suggestions, we welcome those too. The titles and pictures for each method are links to the best articles that go into detail the topic. Happy scrolling and clicking!MORGANS


An attorney Websites, Advertising, SEO, Social Media, Lead Generation and Follow Up, Content Marketing, Outsourcing and Staffing, and Referrals.

Keep in mind that learning these skills will take time, patience and perseverance; you may even need some help along the way. Not every method will make it into your plan. Hopefully, though, you’ll be able to pick up some great ideas that will inspire you and get you started.

To market your practice optimally…

1. Adopt Google’s ‘Mobile First’ Mantra – Test Your Website On Your Phone

Mobile Friendly Law Firm Websites Are more marketable

To successfully market your firm make your website mobile friendly. Click to learn more.


Google rewards mobile friendly sites, and guess what, your clients do to! Law firm marketing increasingly depends on mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. Would you google “DUI Minnesota” on your 27-inch monitor at work? Or, would you want divorce attorney sites all over your browser history at home? Mobile browsing is discrete and convenient.

2. Speak Your Client’s Language in Your Web Content So They Can Relate To You

Content marketing requires knowledge of client's rhetoric through out website content.

Too much legal jargon in your content can deter clients and kill website conversion.

When you’re filling your law website with content, it’s easy to take your knowledge for granted. You can’t build a relationship without building common ground (rapport), language is a great place to start. Avoid excessive legal jargon and always define the terms that you use. Use the pronoun ‘you’ more than the pronoun ‘I’.

Here are a few more tips for writing from a client’s perspective.

3. Use A Logo That’s Fresh, Bold And Simple

Logos are important in law firm marketing. Use them for branding, digital marketing, web design and printed assets.

A great logo can make a lasting impression on your client.

Most attorneys undervalue the importance of a high quality logo. Clients will visit your site and your competition’s a few times before hiring. Logos can make an impression initially then create familiarity on subsequent visits. They serve as a great mnemonic device, plus, they lend consistency and prestige to all of your digital and printed assets.

4. Have a clear purpose for your website.

Where does your website fit into your law firm's marketing plan?

What is the ultimate goal of your website? Is every aspect of your site working towards this goal?

You do have a website, right?… Of course, it’s 2016, I shouldn’t have to ask. And you have a marketing plan for your law firm? Ok, well you should have a marketing plan too. You need to know where and how your website fits into your law firm marketing plan.

Websites are the ubiquitous interface for hiring an attorney, or any service for that matter. But why? And, is your website doing everything it can to advance you toward your goals?

5. Consider The Emotions Of Your Client When Writing Your Website Copy

Law firm marketing must be sensitive to the emotions of client buying behavior.

If we are emotionally aware in our web design and copywriting, we relate to more high quality clients.

The way that you discuss emotionally charged subjects on your site can impact the types of personalities that contact you. The way attorneys approach dealing with client’s emotions vary greatly. Know your style, and write for your ideal client.

6. Incorporate An “Inbound” Strategy In Your Site Design For More Cases

Inbound law firm marketing attracts traffic organically.

A well designed law website captures prospect contact information and attracts search engine traffic with its content.

We cover all of the inbound marketing methods further down, but in a nutshell, it’s all about attracting clients organically. It’s a good idea know the approach you’re taking so that your web design can facilitate it.

7. Have An Engaging Testimonial Page So You Show Social Proof

Testimonials are a vital part of law firm marketing.

Testimonials build trust and establish credibility. Click to find out how to make the most of yours.

Your web page is full of elements that explain that you’re the best option available. But we can’t assume that a prospect will take your word for it. Compelling testimonials are a great way to formulate a basis for trust. Here’s a few tips to make you testimonials stand out from the crowd.

8. Know your website goals and track your progress with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Monitors traffic and conversion rates as well as other law frim marketing metrics.

Google Analytics is a great resource for tracking progress and improving your website.

The world of digital media, as a venue for law firm marketing, is becoming increasingly competitive. Everyone is competing for your customer’s attention. Luckily the ability to collect data and objectively optimize messaging is readily available. Google Analytics is the best platform to get you started.

9. Understand that there is a huge amount of data that you can track on your website using pixels.

Pixels are little code scripts placed on websites to track conversion and traffic.

There is a way to track just about every piece of web data imaginable. This article will give you a glimpse of what is possible.

What if you could tell whether or not a client or prospect has opened your email? What changes would you make to your website if you knew exactly where the cursors were moving? All of this information is available via web pixels. Click the link above to find out exactly what they are and all the ways that they’re used.

10. Use Google Tag Manager to keep your pixels organized and you content publishing simple.

Keep your law firm marketing organized with Google tag manager.

Google Tag Manager is must have tool for marketers with comprehensive web strategies.

Think of Tag Manager as a dashboard for everything related to your web data. It allows you to add and manage pixels without having to install them individually on your website. Everyone with a website can save time and frustration by setting up a Tag Manager account.

11. Utilize info-tips.

Info tip marketing method

An Icon like this one can be placed near your forms or CTA buttons to provide additional information.

Info-tips or tool-tips are information boxes that appear when you hover over text or an icon. By using Info-tips on your website, you can present information that encourages desktop users to take action, while keeping the site clean and easy to use for mobile visitors.

12. Use tracking numbers for each of your advertising platforms.

Tracking phone marketing method

A tracking phone number will give you the source of a call to your office.


Tracking numbers can provide you with accurate data about where a lead, who has called you, came from. This can provide a lot of accountability to your ads, and help you optimize your efforts.

13.  Employ All of The Must-Have Site Features

Website Marketing Law Firm

This checklist can identify areas of your website that could use improvement.

Check out this handy guide. It’s a checklist of elements proven to increase the conversion rate of your web page.

14. Get a Live Chat Plug-in.

Live Chat plugin law firm marketing attorney marketing

Live chat applications can function in a few different ways. Make sure to use one that will work outside of your office hours.

A live chat plugin can help you generate and even screen leads. Depending on the option you choose, they can be operated by your staff during business hours, by a reception service with a script or they can be automated.

15. Make the Most of Your Call-to-Action Buttons

Call to Action Lawyer Marketing

Visitor actions can be optimized just like every other part of your marketing system.

Call-to-actions buttons are the clickable boxes on your website that enable the visitor to take the next step. There are a number of factors that can affect the performance of these buttons including placement, text, size, etc.

16. Avoid these Inexcusable Mistakes on Your Site


Stock photos like this one are alright in blog posts, but should be avoided on your homepage, or where ever original and personal material can be used.

This is a great list of law firm web design faux pas. Here at Law Firm Marketing Matters, we’ve been guilty of number one a few occasions.

17. Have a Basic Understanding of Pay-per-Click Platforms and the Terms They Use

Pay Per Click Law Firm Marketing

Click here for some pay per click basics.

Check out this blog-post for some general information on PPC advertising, the types of bidding and some common terms used.

18. Develop a Budget and Return-on-Ad-Spend Goals.


While most attorneys understand the value of deciding on, and sticking to an advertising budget, very come up with an objective way to determine it.

This is must-read article covers how conversion rates and customer value can help you come up with a budget for you AdWords and other PPC platforms.

19. Take Advantage of These AdWords Hacks

AdWords Attorney Marketing

These useful AdWords tricks can improve conversion rates right off the bat.

AdWords is complicated machine with features that are constantly evolving. Here are five new techniques that can really boost your results.

20. Don’t Fall for These Common PPC Misconceptions.


Navigating a complex PPC platform can be overwhelming. Make sure you don’t make one of these common, incorrect assumptions.

PPC platforms can seem deceptively simple at times. It’s often thought of as a standalone concept, unrelated to SEO, content marketing or your overall marketing strategy. Most attorneys will make the same set of mistakes; this article can help you cut the learning curve.

21. Learn to Retarget Website Visitors

Retargeting or remarketing for law firm marketing.

Retargeting explained beautifully in under two minutes.

Retargeting allows you to reach prospects who have previously visited your site. This quick animated video explains it quite nicely.

22. Understand how Law Firms can Use Retargeting.

retargeting for law firm marketing infographic.

Retargeting as it applies to family law illustrated beautifully.

This infographic demonstrates how retargeting can best be used for attorney and where it should be avoided.

23. Learn the History of Legal Advertising and its Regulation

History of Law Firm Marketing and regulation.

The legal marketing arena is unique in some of its regulations.

This interesting and informative read will help you understand the context of today’s legal marketing environment and the regulations in place.

24. Know the Advertising Disclaimers and Disclosures Required in Your Location

Law Firm Marketing Restrictions

State by state legal marketing restrictions.

Many states have rules addressing attorney advertisements and the information that must accompany them. This is an excellent state-by-state resource.

25. Never Be Afraid to Innovate in Your Advertising


It pays to be bold. Just ask Brian Wilson.

If you never seen The Texas Law Hawk, Brian Wilson’s ads you’re in for a treat. At some point you may be asking yourself if they’re real or not.

26. Discover the Four Reason Why Email Marketing is an Asset to Your Firm

Attorney Email Marketing

Email marketing is easy to automate and has lots of applications.

36233158_lEmail marketing is one of the law firm marketing methods with the least overhead. On top of that, it has easy-to-measure results. Email marketing is one of the most versatile strategies in our arsenal. Check out this article for more info.

27. Measure Your Success Against Established Legal Email Marketing Benchmarks

Data Email Marketing Law Firm Marketing

Study shows the performance of emails for legal marketing

The subject line, content and personalization all play a role in the performance of the emails that you send. You can compare your stats to industry averages and learn some tips for improving them.

28. Learn Why You Need an Email Subscriber List

Subscriber list law firm marketing

Learn how to generate a subscriber list from your web traffic.

A subscription list is created when you get the permission of subscribers to send them periodic emails. This is known as an opt-in and it can be accomplished several ways. After that there are a huge number of ways that you can engage your list.

29. Use Lead Magnets on Your Site and in Advertising

Lead Magnet Divorce Lawyer Attorney Law Firm Marketing

A Lead Magnet may be the best way to generate leads on your website.

A lead Magnet is research material or information made available in exchange for an email address. This tool is amazingly powerful because it begins the relationship by giving value, collects the lead for follow-up and gives you information about what they’re interested in. Bookmark this article.

30. Understand the History, Evolution and Trajectory of SEO

SEO History Evolution Law Firm Marketing Attorney Marketing Lawyer Marketing

Looking into the history of SEO can help us predict the future.

The value of a number one rankings on search engines cannot be overstated, and for as long as search engines have been around, people have been making a living exploiting search engine algorithms. In response, search engines, who’re interested in providing the most relevant and valuable results, constantly add complexity and sophistication to their methods. Understanding the history and trajectory of this evolution can help you make better decisions for your long term marketing plan. It will also help you outsource your SEO, by avoiding the snake-oil salesman peddling dated SEO ‘hacks’.

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