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Facebook Business Basics Guide

Social media has become a powerhouse in marketing and Facebook has become a forefront for business searches. Whether we like it or not the internet has changed how the world sees our businesses. We decided a Facebook Business Basics Guide is in order for all those businesses out there to drastically improve our chances for clients through social media.


Facebook profiles can be sectioned off for ease of understanding, we will go through each section to apply the best possible outcome for your company’s profile.

  • profile photoProfile Photo: This is the smaller of the two pictures on the top of your page, this picture will be the one that people see when your post appear in their newsfeeds or when you comment on something they are able to see. Since it is small, avoid using text. Generally a company Logo goes great here. Don’t change this photo.
  • Cover Photo: These photos are the larger banners on your Facebook page, because you have more space you should be creative and have a little more eye appeal on them. Placing a company motto or current business promotion would be a good idea. You can change this photo as needed.
  • About Us: Place your business information here, make sure people can contact you. Your business name, email address, phone numbers and address should all be here.
  • Timeline: This is where a lot of businesses fail on Facebook, you must continue to post on Facebook. If someone looks you up on Facebook and you haven’t put up a new post in several years, that individual may end up thinking you are no longer in business. Do weekly FAQ’s or post new pictures of a dog you found in attempts to find the owner. Stay current.
  • Tabs: There are tabs both to the left of your timeline as as well as underneath your cover photo. You can use your tabs to direct your clients to the landing pages of your choice, connect to other social media profiles you may have or even current promotions.
  • Insights: This is on your Facebook Page admin panel. In this section you can see a variety of analytical information for your website. Such as click through ratios from your ads. Knowing your level of engagement with the community is important so that you may make adjustments as needed.


Build Your Facebook Audience.

facebook audiencefacebook audiencefacebook audience
facebook audienceAs mentioned in the Timeline bullet above, you need to make regular post. 
Creating this engagement will increase the level of audience that you communicate with. Again this can vary from FAQ’s, random legal information, or just reposting a picture of a lost puppy trying to find it’s way home. Would also be a good idea to have a mix of various post. This would give you a way to connect with more people than you would normally connect with.
When posting images or links on Facebook, the website will generate a preview that has an image, link and description. Facebook will cache this image and lock it in with the URL link you give it. This means if you change the picture on the website after creating the post, Facebooks memory will retain the original image for some time until the cache is refreshed. This is very important to know when creating ads or boosted post as you may end up with an image you would want to change. When you find higher success rates you will have the option to pin them to the top of your page. This will make that particular valuable post seen as the first post for all visitors.


Facebook Video

Facebook video is becoming more and more popular in advertisements. This is one of the things we always suggest for attorneys to have on both their page as well as their Facebook. You can make a simple at home intro video about you and your company that you can pin to the top of your page so everyone can get to know you on a more personal level.facebook video
Video is also a great way to advertise, as advertisement has been on television for many years it is a growing presence on the internet as well. Make simple FAQ video every month or so and post it to Facebook, boost it as a post and you will begin to get more and more followers just based off simple the information you are giving out. Not to mention will reduce the need to make the explanation over and over.

A Couple Tricks for your video.
  • When making video you must make the engagement happen in the first few seconds. You only have a moment to catch attention if people are scrolling through Facebook.
  • The test you use with your post/video will help with the engagement. Lure them into your video make them want to know what you have to say in your video.

facebook adsFacebook Advertising

Since it was mentioned earlier it will need a little more detail on what this is and how to use it. Facebook made ads and engagement very easy, you can become ultra specific with who your target audience is through selecting location, age, interest, male or female. The list is so in depth there is no way to describe it in a short paragraph. When you decide to make ads on facebook you will define who you are looking for. 
Within the admin section you will find various forms of analytics as stated before. This includes clicks from facebook to your website, website conversions, page post engagements (boosted post), page likes, as well as a few more things. To boost a post you simply make a post and click boost. Of course this takes a few background steps such as target audience and setting up payments, however once you have your target audience and payment information setup through Facebook it is a simple click and done.


Facebook Targeting

Once you define your target audience you will need to implement that through Facebook. Facebook has the ability to target based off matching emails, phone numbers, location, sex, age. You can even re-target people that have been on your website or other websites. This works through internet browser tracking cookies and helps identify the people you want to reach.



Adespresso is an browser based ad program that has a variety of analytics as well as in depth targeting system. It even helps you design the perfect ad, by allowing you to easily run multiple ad sets at the same time, it then analyzes that data and tells you which one is getting the better results, this is called A/B testing. You can also run multiple campaigns with ease adjusting your demographic, this will increase your click ratio building your rates of engagements. Make sure to change your content or add new content frequently. Running the same ad can become monotonous to the viewer and result in becoming ignored by possible clients.


Additional Support

Of course this isn’t always everything you can do, and some of you might already be doing these very things. Congrats to those of you who are already getting these things done. We always have a few extra ideas, so if you would like to know more. Please click the link here and schedule your appointment to see how we can help you on your website or your Facebook page.

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