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Diary Of A Law Website


What's Wrong With THis Picture?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Hi, David here.

I’m at the computer today.

I’m about to start work on a brand new lawyer website using software called WordPress.

Peek Over My Shoulder

man reading newspaper people looking over his shoulder

Look over my shoulder

I’m wondering, would you like to look over my shoulder as I bring up the site?

I thought it might be fun to do a behind the scenes diary or journal of what goes into building a website. I’ll use a screen capture tool called Camtasia.

I do internet marketing for law firms, so, if you are interested in either of those, keep reading.

I’m going to build a top shelf law website from the ground up in this blog post series. As I build the site, I’ll go through the thinking and decisions that get made at each phase of the build.

I’ll be sending out episodes as a series of emails and blog articles.

This is a bit of an experiment, my start in reality tv, so, I need your feedback. Tell me what you think? Use the comment section below.



Divorce Diva Lynn

An attorney named Lynn, one of our clients in divorce law wants us to create the best possible law web site using all our greatest techniques & tactics.

She downloaded our ultimate website checklist from familylawrainmaker.com and saw the video that comes with it.

Now, Lynn wants to the get all the website elements we mention on the checklist.

Turn Strangers Into Clients

phone ring

Ring Baby, Ring

Lynn’s goal for the web site is simple, she wants it to:


Lynn’s current site is more or less an online brochure that doesn’t really inspire anyone to call her office.

Her new site will be state of the art digital marketing masterpiece to get her phone ringing off the hook.

She wants the site to build her authority and credibility, get clients to know like and trust her.

Lynn’s site will be focused on getting family law / divorce clients, however the thinking and the techniques are useful in any law practice.

Please Join Me

You’ll see a step by step overview of each component of the web site. I’ll discuss what we’re doing and why.

If this is a journey you’d like to share with me, please click here so you don’t miss any of the episodes.


For You

This series is great for any area of law if you want to:
  • Grow your practice
  • Get more cases
  • Build equity in your practice, or just
  • Learn more about legal marketing on the internet


Discovery Advantage

Discovery Advantage

You’ll discover
  • What’s missing on your site
  • What to include in your next website remodel
  • Where your web site fits in to your overall marketing strategy
  • Cool new features & resources you may not have yet heard of

This series will not be a tutorial where we go into technical details at the ‘how to’ level, though you’ll get links to some great tutorials that go deeper into what we cover.

If you’re in the process of a website redesign, remodel, or even thinking about a new site, you can expect to become a very well educated consumer by the end of the series.

As I build the site, you’ll get a deep dive into these areas:

How Your Website Can Turn Strangers into Clients
How Select The Right Software
Get the Right Domain Name to be found On the Internet
What You Need To Know About Photos And Images
Know Your Numbers – What Number Do You Need To Know?
How To Get Killer Copywriting And Why You Need It
The Elements Of A Website You Must Have
Should You Have A Blog?
Content You Must Have To Get Past The Competitors
Why Most Law Websites Try To Do The Impossible And Fail
6 Easy To Create Features Most Lawyers Forget
Get The Right People For The Work
How To Stand Out In Your Practice Area
How To Give Your Lawyer Profile Page Extra Appeal
30 Essential Law Firm Marketing Methods
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